My new project "first born"! :)

Work In Progress / 31 January 2021

Excited to share on my Patreon page the first scene from my "The Hermit" project with you! The first scene on any project is a crucial one of course - one that provides a final "look 'n feel" of what is yet to come for everyone. Note however that this will be the last scene of finished animation I'll be sharing from here on in. Only the project's Patreon supporters will get to see the finished work as it unfolds in the future. It will be in the form of a private, animated Web Series, which will unfold the full storyline as time goes by. I will of course be posting project updates, feedback, static images and maybe even short  animated GIF teasers from the project as time goes by. But if you like what you see of this animation, and want to see more, then I'm afraid you'll have to become a Patreon supporter. The reality is that this kind of innovative, traditionally-animated, indie-based film will NEVER find support in the production mainstream. Consequently, it will totally require the support of generous, like-minded friends and followers to make it happen at all. So I thank you sincerely for any support you can give - or have given so far! (And please do share this if you can!)